All students and all members of staff at Liwara Catholic Primary School are actively involved in the school’s Religious Education program, as we strive to be a Christ-centred community which focuses on educating the students with the support of parents.

Religious Education is a shared enterprise of  the whole school community. The Principal has final responsibility for the development and presentation of Religious Education in the school. This responsibility is shared with the school executive, and more particularly, with the Assistant Principal RE ( Religious Education). The AP RE provides vision and leadership in Religious Education. Teachers of classroom Religious Education have a privileged role and all teachers contribute to the religious dimension of the whole life of the school. The essential partnership between home, parish and school is sustained through the school's welcome, encouragement and invitation for involvement to parents, priests and other members of the community.

The formal Religious Education program consists of comprehensive units of work, complemented by participation in prayer and a variety of liturgy and sacramental celebrations. Students are invited to find meaning in their lives through forming a relationship with their God. Religious Education units of work have been developed by the Catholic Education Office of Western Australia.

The Mercy tradition of prayer and service is still a strong element within the school.

There is an emphasis on developing awareness of communal obligations, social justice issues, and on students’ experiences as a basis for integrating faith, culture and life.

An energetic and creative spirituality is evident in the school, as staff and students are encouraged to participate in prayer and liturgical life, sharing their talents, skills and experience generously. This has been achieved through the Christian leadership of the year six students on the prayer and liturgy committee working closely with staff. The prayer and liturgy committee plays a vital role in fostering the spirituality of the students through ongoing mission projects and liturgy. The liturgical and prayer life of the school is supported by the presence of an Evangelisation team and Greenwood parish priest Father Vinh Dong.
Parents and families are encouraged and welcome to be part of all religious celebrations, including masses, prayer services and assemblies.


Students in years 3, 4 and 6 have the opportunity of preparing for and receiving the Sacraments of Reconciliation, First Holy Communion and Confirmation. An important feature of the program is the work and preparation done in conjunction with the Parish Sacramental team.

Ultimately, the school recognises that we build on the foundations that have been laid in the home. This partnership is valued in the Religious Education of children at Liwara Catholic Primary school. Together we can help the students on their life’s journey to become “faith filled, confident and fully rounded, life long learners”.