Parent Involvement

Liwara is a great place because it is an active learning community where all involved have energetically contributed to maximise our student’s learning opportunities.
It is of great importance that parents and teachers co-operate in the life of the school.  For parents this means:

•    Attending Parent/Teacher nights at the school.
•    Attending reporting interviews and class learning journeys
•    Being involved in curriculum development and review where appropriate.
•    Participating in the sacramental programmes of the school.
•    Attending class or school masses and assemblies where possible.
•    Assisting where possible with class activities (reading, art/craft, language, sporting activities, etc),library, canteen etc.
•    Taking part in the functions organised by the school or Parents and Friends’ Association. This
includes attending Busy Bees when requested, taking an active role in the famous Liwara Fair (a very enjoyable obligation) and attending social functions.

Parent Organisations

Liwara Primary School Parents and Friends Association is the key parent body in building our community. Through regular social and fundraising school functions the P&F brings parents together to contribute to their children’s school and to get to know each other.  Enjoyment and participation are the by-words.  The Liwara P& F fair is legendary in the district. For years it has been a symbol of what can be achieved by people working together and enjoying the process. The tradition of parental involvement and support continues to supply our  school with many resources and facilities.
The committee meetings are generally held on a Monday evening, Week 2 and 7 of each term at 7.30pm. We hope that every family coming through our school will enjoy a time on the committee and make the contribution they committed to in accepting enrolment. Any enquiries please contact the P&F Secretary on
The Liwara Catholic School Board is the official community body set up under the auspices of the bishops and collaborating with the Catholic Education Commission to assist in the management of the financial and planning aspects of the school.
Members are elected from the school community to serve two year terms (max of 3 terms) along with the ex-officio members, the Principal and the Parish Priest, and the appointed representatives of the P&F and Parish Council.
The work of the board is reviewed annually at the Annual Community Meeting.  

Other Opportunities For Parent Involvement

Other opportunities for Parent involvement are LAP.  LAP is for students whose learning can be boosted by personal attention. With the help of volunteers working on a 1:1 basis at least once a week we hope to build a confident relationship and build self-esteem. Students with positive self-esteem are highly effective learners and leaders.  LAP provides an opportunity for positive parental, volunteer and community participation in schools.  It provides a welcoming, caring environment, which helps students to learn and builds on strengths rather than condemning weaknesses.

Seasons for Growth is a peer support group programme for children whose families have suffered a significant loss in their lives, either by death, divorce, re location or any other painful transitions. It aims to help these children sort through and understand their grief, so as to come to a healthy acceptance of what has happened to their families. Through the support of friends in the group and the guidance of the facilitators, who are trained staff from the school, these children will be helped to feel a sense of belonging and love.

Another avenue of parent participation in our school community is in the library. Volunteers are rostered to help in the library with a variety of tasks eg, book covering, sorting book returns and helping with book borrowing. See our Teacher/Librarian if you are available to help.

Volunteers are rostered to help in the canteen everyday. Preparation of lunches and selling items at recess and lunch are a few of the tasks to be carried out. See our Canteen Manageress if you are available to help.