Liwara Catholic School


an aboriginal word,
" community of people gathered together."

Our Mission

We gather as a community of believers in a Catholic environment to develop in each child
a sense of wonder of learning.
Liwara educates children, with a central support of parents, to become faith filled,
confident and fully rounded, life long learners.



The outer circle symbolises the cosmos - the unity of all creation, always moving. Rising from the outside circle we have another circle symbolizing the growing and forming of the people of Liwara. The circle then moves into the outside circle showing that we are always a part of the wider community -district, our state, our country and our world. The figure in a stance of hope and joy - represents all of us as people growing in our faith, becoming and forming the Liwara community. Penetrating all the elements of the crest is the Christ symbol - this represents the centering of our whole life in Jesus. This centering of our life in Jesus gives the significance to our Catholic school.


Integrated faith and life development
We will create an environment in the Liwara community which enables children to experience the integration of Christian faith and life.  We will foster the spiritual development of the children and their knowledge of, and participation in, our changing church and society.

Learning community
Liwara will continue to grow as a collaborative learning community where parents, teachers and children learn from each other and work together to continuously improve the learning of all involved in the education of its children.

Inclusive curriculum
We will actively pursue an innovative teaching and learning environment that is unique to Liwara.  Child centred outcomes will cater for the needs of all children.  Collaborative structures will be used to enhance the use of resources and technology in providing a stimulating, rich and diverse curriculum.

Liwara's culture
Liwara encourages open communication, and will continue to build on our strong sense of community by including and caring for everyone.  A sense of belonging will permeate the school as we strive courageously to make a difference.
Collaborative leadership
Liwara will continue to value open, collaborative leadership where parents, children and staff are true partners. There will be a climate of trust, respect and innovation in our response to the rapidly changing world and its challenges.

We pray to God so we can be
a loving Catholic community
With faith,
respect and trust each day
our school is a place
to learn and play
Our environment needs
our love and care
All Saints protect us everywhere
Bless us as our
community gathers
where every single person
At Liwara we give thanks to You
Help us Lord in all we do.
This prayer was composed in collaboration with the school community


Liwara is a co-educational primary school catering for 480 students from K-6. The school is located in the North West Region of Perth and was first established in 1974.
A strong sense of community has been nurtured since the school's inception and this is clearly evident today. Parents are actively involved in many aspects of school life and parents are encouraged to participate in a variety of school programs. There is an opportunity for parents to access workshops to become familiar with effective strategies that support children's early learning in literacy and numeracy.We also have a 'Learning Assistance Program' that invites parents or grandparents to be a mentor for students who require additional support and encouragement.

Liwara has a strong and effective early intervention program for students in literacy and numeracy. A Gifted and Talented program we refer to as REACH has been developed and implemented. There has been a focus on developing thinking skills and on achieveing a higher level of ICT integration. Liwara operates a Middle School program to encourage students in these years to remain engaged in their schooling. Liwara has been a pilot school for the Primary Connections Science program and a social and emotional learning program referred to as 'Kidsmatter'.Specialist programs operating in the school include Physical Education, The Arts- Visual and Theatre Arts, Italian and Library. Liwara is also well known for its music program. As well as having choirs and an upper school rock band there is the opportunity for children to receive tuition in six instruments.